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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v3.3

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adobe  Photoshop Lightroom  3.3 adalah  software toolbox penting bagi fotografer profesional, menyediakan satu aplikasi yang mudah untuk mengelola, menyesuaikan, dan penyajian volume besar foto digital sehingga Anda dapat menghabiskan lebih sedikit waktu di depan komputer dan lebih banyak waktu di belakang lensa. Adobe Lightroom menyesuaikan dengan alur kerja Anda, bukan sebaliknya.

Lightroom memungkinkan Anda melihat, memperbesar, dan membandingkan foto-foto dengan cepat dan mudah. Tepat sekali, setting photography-specific memungkinkan Anda untuk meningkatkan foto Anda dengan tetap menjaga tingkat tertinggi kualitas gambar sama seperti aslinya.

Beberapa fitur baru dari versi terbaru Lightroom 3.3 ini adalah
Superior noise reduction
Achieve amazing, natural-looking results from your high ISO images with all-new state-of-the-art noise reduction technology. You won’t need more than what’s built into Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 3 to get the cleanest images at any ISO.

Accelerated performance
Get your digital photography tasks done fast and have more time to shoot and promote your work. Already quick performance has been dramatically accelerated in Lightroom 3, saving you time from first look to final image.

Support for DSLR video files
Take advantage of new support for video files from most digital SLR cameras, which allows you to easily manage and organize both still photographs and video files side by side.

Image watermarking
Easily embed your identity or your brand and logo in your images with more options for customizing their look. The new watermarking tool lets you apply text or graphic watermarks to a photo with adjustable size, position, and opacity.

Easy image importing
Save time with fast image importing. The newly designed import interface is easy to set up and navigate, with clear visual indications of where your photos will be located and how they’ll be organized after you’ve imported them.

Perspective correction
Get more natural-looking results by applying powerful, nondestructive perspective correction to your images. Reduce or eliminate the distortion that can occur, for example, when you take a photograph with the camera pointed upward, causing buildings to appear to be leaning backward in your image.
More flexible print packages
Showcase your work in more creative formats using highly customizable print layouts, which you can save as reusable templates. With the new custom print layout creation tool, you just drag one image or several shots onto a page and resize or reposition them as you like.

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